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Bhatkal Beach Tour

Floating MountainA luxuriant beach-line 16 km from the bustling Bhatkal town awaits to be explored and invigorated. The serene sea, the sprawling sands and the swaying palms - may not sound any different from any other beach. But what makes Bhatkal special is the ambience of sanctity in pleasure and the horde of temples can have all the credit besides the endowment of nature. Spend your holidays there anytime between August and March and the replenishment is going to last for a year - more so, because you won't be able to restrain the call of the beaches for long.

The Call Of The Beaches
Bhatkal, being less heard of in the tourist 'hot-hunts', can be a classic option for those who want to spend their vacation in perfect tranquility. Just like its share of the azure sea, its beaches emanate a sense of vastness shrouded in mystery.

A Floating Mountain
A 30 km off the Bhatkal shore is a 30 acre forest area located above the island-hill called Netrani. Without the usual beaches, boats have to be balanced against the rocks and the dashing with a sea is 200 meters deep at those quarters. Besides, this place is a site of worship for fishermen belonging to Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, which lends the island a unique aura. It is also used by Indian Navy for testing their bombing skills. Adventurers or pilgrims, Netrani can be a welcoming abode and a memorable one at that.

Temple Town
Bhatkal was the main port of the Vijayanagar Empire during their glorious reign in the 16th century. The kings found it a perfect solitaire for constructing their temples. The ruins of those majestic temples still exist and are frequented by tourists and pilgrims from all over Karnataka and abroad. The Jain Chadranatha Basadi and a 17th century Vijayanagar Temple with intricate animal carvings so typical of the Vijayanagar artisans are the most visited ones.

Reaching Bhatkal Beach
Air - The nearest airport from Bhatkal is at Goa. From here take a bus or taxi to reach Bhatkal.

Rail - Hubli in Karnataka is the nearest railhead from Bhatkal.

Road - 16 km from Bhatkal town and 126 km from Karwar

Stay Back At
Accommodation options abound. Hotel Seema and Vaibhav Lodge are popular. For those who are looking for a luxuriant, yet economic vacation, we can help you book the best accommodation option.



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